In every walk of life, people not things are what matter most. We genuinely care about the health and well being of our Team members and of our clients first and foremost.

In every walk of life, people not things are what matter most. We genuinely care about the health and well being of our Team members and of our clients first and foremost. 

In business then, greater levels of income are a consequence of looking after and providing great value to others – Team members and clients alike.

FBD Philosophy

Our philosophy is quite simple.

If we look after our Team members, we will all be happier, healthier and more productive. We will be kinder and more compassionate towards others. 

Because we are more productive, our clients will receive a more efficient and effective service. 

Because we are happier, our clients will receive a better service all round. They will be:

  • listened to more attentively and more patiently
  • better understood and, consequently,
  • given better, more appropriate advice to help them grow their businesses.

In turn, our clients will be happier and more productive, will feel better and perform at a higher level. Their higher level of performance will reproduce itself in greater profitability and higher self-esteem. This will produce in them:

  • ongoing motivation,
  • greater excitement and
  • a better quality of life for them and their families.

So, by looking after our Team, everybody wins!

What do we look for in our Team members?

We seek individuals who believe in:

  • mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual integrity and mutual support (we expect this of our clients too)
  • taking responsibility
  • a strong work ethic (although, we believe that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!)
  • teamwork
  • full and open communication between Team members and clients
  • being rewarded for productivity and for making things happen
  • giving before they receive

Our remuneration packages

Our remuneration packages are modest to begin with but reflect Team members’ growth within the first year to 18 months within the business as you get to grips with the processes and standards embedded within everything we do. 

There is a significant salary increase after the ‘Probation’ period and further salary increase after the ‘Support’ period. These recognise stages of growth and reduced reliance on others within the Team to perform at your peak.

Following the Support period, we offer a productivity bonus based on additional income generated through your efforts. 

A Unique Opportunity

For the more ambitious members of the Team there is an opportunity to take control of a Team within FBD and to run an office. We teach a mix of management and leadership principles for those who would like to further their careers to run successful offices on their own (still as part of a Team) and to participate in a share of the profits produced by the office.

Flexible Operations

Subject to your location and to your stage of development within the Team, there are flexible options as to when a Team member might work from the office and when you might work from home.

The overriding principles are:

  • operating as part of a Team (the FBD family)
  • family commitments
  • service to clients
  • productivity

Health Insurance

A comprehensive health insurance is offered to all Team members following their probation period. This ensures greater peace of mind, quicker treatment in your time of need and a quicker return to a normal productive life.

Applying to FBD

If you have read the foregoing and are excited about the possibility of adding value to your and others’ lives, please apply, in the first instance, to, providing details of your experience, your philosophy and how you think you can add value to the FBD Team and to clients.

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